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About Crown GEMZ

Girlz of color need a place to grow and be empowered. That's why we created Crown GEMZ, our Girlz Empowerment and Movement for Success Program. Our program provides a safe space for girls to learn and grow while being mentored by women leaders of color. With Crown GEMZ, your daughter will have the tools she needs to succeed in life and become the leader she is destined to be!

Girlz are the future of our world. As they grow up, they become leaders in their communities and create change for so many people. Mentoring girls is important because it gives them someone to look up to while teaching them life skills that will help prepare them for adulthood. Nowadays, with all the bad things happening in the world, girls need more positive role models than ever before. It's time for us to do something about this right now!


Mentoring girls is important for several reasons. First, girlz who are mentored are more likely to succeed in school and in their careers. Second, mentoring helps to prevent teenage pregnancies and violence against women. Finally, when girlz have mentors they feel supported and empowered, which can help them overcome challenges that they face in their lives. Mentoring relationships are beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee

Our program requires girls and young women to master the 7 Pillars of success.  Once they do they are eligible to apply for scholarships, job referrals, becoming mentors for younger girlz.  We also will establish a Sorority for girls based on Honor, Character, Leadership, and Economic Empowerment.  They will be mentored by several leaders from our community that will make a positive impact on their lives.  We also want to unify the girls by introducing a step group and an annual awards conference for Black and Brown girlz. 

7 Pillars of Success for Black and Brown Women & Girlz

  1. Spirituality

  2. Self-Love

  3. Self-Discovery/Awareness

  4. Self-Discipline

  5. Self-Mastery/Embracing Who you are - Mastering your gifts and talents

  6. Economics - Wealth Building (career, entrepreneurship, investments, etc)

  7. Community - Serving the Elders and people in need. 



3 Foundations of Leadership for Black and Brown Women & girlz

  1. Impact - purpose, plan, Career Path, 

  2. Action - Change, Discipline, self-care, wellness, Working the plan, 

  3. Mastery - Health, Wealth, Spirituality, Talents and Gifts, Leadership

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