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Founder's Welcome

When I was a kid I loved learning, going to summer camp, exploring and having fun.  I think all kids should have "beyond school" experiences that allow them to develop who they are and their gifts and talents.  This is where they get to explore, use their creativity and build lasting friendships.  


Our Vision is to be an educational resource that partners with school, churches and community groups to train & equip young leaders to make an Impact, take the right Action and achieve Mastery.​

All of our programs are based on The I AM Way Leadership Development Model and our version of STEM, Entrepreneurship and the Arts.  I AM… is an acronym for Impact, Action & Mastery, which summarizes our philosophy that knowing who you are, your purpose, vision and talents are the fuels that empower success.


Thank you for allowing us to help you to empower you and your child to reach their full potential! 

Valerie Brown-Baul

Dr. Valerie Brown-Baul, PhD


I AM... Leadership Academy, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational resource. We offer beyond school resources for developing forward thinking leaders. We have created a resource to partner with SCHOOL, MEDIA, CHURCHES and COMMUNITY GROUPS to help children and adults succeed, by knowing who they are, and how to master their gifts and talents, all while building positive relationships.  

I AM...Leadership Crown GEMS, Brother to Brother, and our Summer program are our Leadership Programs for youth.  For adult women and seniors we provide Technology, Leadership Training and Development. 

Collaborative Partners: Brother to Brother Mentoring ( and Rising Hope Therapy, LLC


We look forward to learning and growing with you on this journey called LIFE!

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